Weathering the Storm: Leading in Uncertain Times

Leadership isn’t easy and there will be many times when you and I are going to think that we might as well quit. This could be for a number of reasons, such as feelings of inadequacy, dissent among those we are leading or becoming mentally and physically drained. This book Weathering The Storm: Leading in Uncertain Times by Dr Samuel R. Chand and Dr Don Brawley III was written to help us through these tough times. 

About the Authors

Dr Brawley is the founding pastor of Canaan Land Church International in Atlanta Georgia. He is also the president and founder of the leadership company the Don Brawley Consultancy.
Dr Chand  is a Leadership Architect and Change Strategist, and is one of the leading writers on church leadership and growth.

Writing Style

As this book was written by two authors their writing styles were obviously different. They decided that they would both tackle each chapter separately. Although it was good to get a different perspective on each chapter, it often felt like certain points were being reiterated or explored again when there was no need for them to be. This book was not as academic as some other book which I have read and reviewed, so it was relatively easy to read.

Favourite Chapter –

Firefighters: Positioned to Protect

This chapter explained the importance of a leader having the right people around them. Dr Bawley explains that ‘Firefighters’ are “protectors of vision and purpose”, they are there to help the leader in times of struggle and hardship. Your ‘firefighters’ will not be able to stop ‘fires’ from happening, however they will come into their own when ‘fires’ are occurring . I enjoyed this chapter as it made me consider those who I have in my life who are protecting me. What I particularly found interesting were the tips in terms of identifying, encouraging, equipping and empowering your firefighters.

Final Words

This book has a time and a place where it should be read, for me it wasn’t the right time. If I were to read this book when I felt like I was ‘weathering  a storm’ I am sure that I would have enjoyed it more. Despite this there were many benefits to this book and if you are not going through a difficult period of time in your leadership there are many nuggets of wisdom in the book which will prepare you for when that time comes (trust me it will!).

Rating 6.5/10

Purchase your copy of Weathering the Storm:

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