Unmistakable by Srinivas Rao

Inspiring and amazing are just some of the words which come to mind when I think of this weeks #52in52 book; Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best. I had a sense of renewed enthusiasm and energy when I finished this book. So have a read of this review, read the book and then start your journey to becoming unmistakable.

“When you’re truly unmistakable, the competition becomes completely irrelevant. You’re not the best option, you’re the only option.”

About the Author

Srinivas Rao
explains that he went from someone who was fired from every job he had to now being a Wall Street Journal best seller and leader of the popular podcast the
Unmistakable Creative. On the Unmistakable Creative Srinivas Rao interviews leaders, innovators and creatives to determine what makes their work Unmistakable.

Writing Style

Srinivas Rao is an avid surfer and uses his love for surfing as an analogy to explain the principles in this book. A surfing term is explained at the beginning of each chapter, and then Rao makes an analogy of how this is relevant in our quest to becoming unmistakable. Although surfing does not interest me at all, Rao’s use of surfing analogies made the concepts he was presenting easier to understand. Also, throughout the book Rao presents us with case studies of people he has interviewed for the Unmistakable Creative.


Key Concept – Dealing with Critics/Criticism

The key concept in this book is of course being unmistakable, but my explanation of it wouldn’t give it justice so it’ll be best you purchase the book to find out. However, the most important and key concept for me was Rao’s explanation of dealing with critics and criticism when you start creating unmistakable work. Personally, when starting a project the hardest thing for me is worrying what people will say in response. Often times this can cause me to not get something started as I am worried about the backlash and thoughts of those around me. Rao explains that when you are creating unmistakable work you are going to have critics, so it is up to us to either embrace the criticism or ignore it.

“When we meet the enormity of what could be possible for us we get afraid” – Jennifer Boykin

Favourite Chapter – Part 5: The Impact Zone

The impact zone is explained as the hardest parts in a person’s life and is something that all successful people have to endure and survive. Failure and hard times are something which we will all experience in our quest to be successful, this chapter shows us the importance of persisting through these times. Personally, this will be a chapter I will turn to whenever I am experiencing hardship whilst pursuing my goals.

“The true gift of unmistakable is not what you get, but who you become as a result. Your work turns into something that will never let you down”

Final Words

So far this is the best book I have reviewed for the #52in52 book reviews. As mentioned before this book is really inspiring, for myself it made me consider how I could make the work that I do be unmistakable. Another point which it brought home was the reason why we do the work we do, Srinivas Rao explains that when the reasons are solely for financial gain there is more chance it will fail. So let’s do our work/hobby/art for the love it and ensure that it is unmistakable.

Click the link below to purchase your copy:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

“Leave the world something to remember you by”


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